Pivalic acid CAS 75-98-9 For Pesticide Intermediate


Pivalic acid, also known as trimethylacetic acid, is a branched-chain carboxylic acid with the chemical formula (CH₃)₃CCOOH. It is characterized by having a branched structure with three methyl groups (-CH₃) attached to a central carbon atom. This structure gives it unique chemical properties and makes it distinct from straight-chain carboxylic acids like acetic acid (CH₃COOH).


Here are some key points about pivalic acid:


Chemical Structure: Pivalic acid has the following chemical structure: (CH₃)₃CCOOH. The three methyl groups attached to the central carbon atom contribute to its steric hindrance and make it more bulky compared to linear carboxylic acids.


Physical Properties: Pivalic acid is a colorless, crystalline solid at room temperature. It has a relatively high melting point and boiling point compared to similar carboxylic acids due to its bulky structure.


Use in Organic Chemistry: Pivalic acid and its derivatives are commonly used in organic synthesis as protecting groups for alcohols and amines. The bulky tert-butyl (t-butyl) group can be added to an alcohol or amine to block its reactivity during certain reactions and then removed later when needed.


Acidic Properties: Pivalic acid is a weak carboxylic acid with a pKa value around 4.8. This means it is less acidic than many other common carboxylic acids like acetic acid (pKa ~ 4.76). Its weak acidity is partly due to the electron-donating nature of the three methyl groups, which stabilize the conjugate base.


Stability: Pivalic acid and its derivatives are known for their stability. The bulky t-butyl groups protect the central carbon from nucleophilic attack and make the compound less prone to reactions with other reagents.


Industrial Uses: Pivalic acid itself does not have many significant industrial uses, but its derivatives, such as t-butyl esters and t-butyl alcohols, find applications in the production of various chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Safety: Pivalic acid is generally considered to be of low toxicity, but like any chemical, it should be handled with care, and appropriate safety precautions should be followed.

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