Emamectin CAS 119791-41-2


Emamectin is an agricultural and veterinary chemical compound that belongs to the macrocyclic lactone group of chemicals. It is used as a pesticide, particularly as an insecticide and acaricide, to control a wide range of pests that affect crops and animals. Emamectin is known for its effectiveness in controlling various insects and mites that can damage plants and livestock.


Here are some key points about emamectin:


Mode of Action: Emamectin works by disrupting the nervous system of pests, leading to paralysis and eventually death. It primarily targets insects and mites by binding to receptors in their nerve cells, which inhibits their ability to transmit nerve impulses.


Uses in Agriculture: Emamectin is commonly used in agriculture to control a variety of crop-damaging pests, including lepidopteran insects such as caterpillars and leaf-feeding beetles. It is used on a wide range of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and row crops.


Formulations: Emamectin is available in various formulations, such as liquid concentrates, granules, and as a component of mixtures with other pesticides. These formulations are applied to crops using spraying equipment.


Veterinary Use: Emamectin is also used in veterinary medicine to control internal and external parasites in livestock and pets. It is effective against nematode worms, mites, and other parasites that can infest animals.


Safety and Regulation: Emamectin-based pesticides and veterinary products are subject to regulatory approvals and guidelines in many countries to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Users should follow recommended application rates and safety precautions outlined on product labels.


Environmental Impact: Emamectin is considered relatively safe for humans, pets, and wildlife when used according to label instructions. However, like all pesticides, it should be used responsibly to minimize its environmental impact.


Resistance Management: Prolonged and excessive use of emamectin can lead to the development of resistance in target pest populations. Integrated pest management (IPM) strategies are recommended to minimize the risk of resistance and maintain the effectiveness of emamectin.


Emamectin is an important tool in modern agriculture and veterinary medicine for controlling pests and parasites. When using products containing emamectin, it is crucial to follow the recommended guidelines, including safety measures and application rates, to ensure effective pest control while minimizing potential risks.

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