Commonly used pesticide formula, the effect is particularly good!

1. Kung Fu + imidacloprid or acetamiprid can prevent green stink bug.
2. Avermectin +44% propyl chloride, used on rice to control rice stalks and borers, is economical.

1. Kung Fu + imidacloprid or acetamiprid can prevent green stink bug.

2. Avermectin +44% propyl chloride, used on rice to control rice stalks and borers, is economical.

3. Methotrexate + tebufenozide can be used for the control of noctuid pests with a long duration.

4. Thiamethoxam and furamethoxam granules have become new ingredients for insect prevention.

5. Furfuramine + Kungfu can effectively control whitefly.

6. Kung Fu + profenofos public formula, special for underground pests.

7. Tretinoin + carbamide can control rice leaf roller and fruit tree borer.

8. Carbaryl · insecticide + Isocarbophos, old formula: for various pests of rice.

9. Chlorpyrifos + Triazophos can prevent rice borer (Triazophos is forbidden in some areas).

10. Acitretin + chloramphetamine benzamide + acridine · pymetronide, rice full dozen formula.

11. Pyrimidine, pyrimethadone, buthion, imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos are effective in peach tree resistance to aphids.

12. Spirulina ethyl ester + avermectin, the effect of beating pear wood lice is very good.

13. Omethoate + fenvalerate is effective in killing wheat aphids, and the price is not high.

14. Prochloraz + isocarbazide are effective in controlling leaf spot and anthracnose of leafy vegetables.

15. Organic copper agent + prochloraz + iodine solution can control cucumber target spot disease economically.

16. Avermectin + Spirulina ethyl ester is absolutely no problem in controlling whiteflies, aphids and thrips.

17. Methotrexate + methotrexate, methotrexate and methotrexate.

18. Thiazide / chlorpyrifos + spirochete ethyl ester, resistant to scale insects, safe and efficient.

19. Dimethylmorpholine + polyclonal · manganese zinc can prevent white rust of water spinach and downy mildew of melons, and dry spots for three days.

20. Tretinoin, fluorouracil + cyanuric chloride, hit fruit borers, and the effect is good.

21. The control effect of conventional agents + organic copper agents against frosty mildew and epidemic diseases will increase by more than 50%.

22. Fluorosilazole + organic copper, coated with melon vine blight, has a good healing effect.

23. Insecticidal single + chlorpyrifos has a strong effect on killing ginger borers.

24. Metformin · oxamyl / metformin · azoxystrobin + organic copper to control root diseases.

25. Shenzimycin + well wax bud, to treat melon vine blight and Fusarium wilt.

26. Pyridaben + thiamethoxam, drop on the armor bar.

27. Avid + chlorphenamine, fight leaf miner.

28. Oxyflurane + dimethylpentyl, garlic field, grass, grass and broadleaf, the best combination.

29. Thiamethoxam + bifenthrin, root irrigation to control ground maggots and leek maggots.

30. Captan + Bacillus subtilis to solve continuous cropping diseases.

31. Chlorpyrifos benzoamide + chlorpyrifos has a good effect on the control of rice stem borer.

32. Carbaryl Salt + tebufenozide, beet and Spodoptera litura have good effects.

33. Hygromycin + oxamyl / methionine · oxamyl, spray roots to prevent root diseases.

34. Pyrazoxystrobin · thiafuramide can prevent citrus resinous disease (sand skin disease) for a long time.

35. Avid + pyridaben / triazole Tin + biphenyl well fat, to treat highly resistant red and white spiders in fruit trees.